Paintings from Visions from Two Continents

Chapters 4 and 5

Chapter 4 tells about school and the scary bamboo path Sheila had to walk through on her way to school. Bamboo are not native to Queensland. When planted they grow prolifically and can be a problem. People tried to remove the Bamboo from this property years later, but they are still there, a bit scraggly but they persist.

Painting page 35 Chapter 4 in Visions from Two Continents

Bamboo path oil on canvas painting by Sheila Buchanan Buell. This is what she remembered that they looked like in 1920. Painted around 1950.
Photo of Bamboo at the base of Candle Mountain in 2020 with adult walking though them.
Close up photo bamboo in 2020

In Chapter 5 page 50 and 51. Sheila goes to the city of the first time. It is the first time in her life that she sees and rides in a car. It was a terrifying time for her. These are postcards from that era:

After a long wait in the city for the proper papers, Sheila, her mother and her sisters boarded a cruise ship to America, leaving their brother in Australia. They stopped in New Zealand and Hawaii on the way. The arrival of a cruise ship was cause for celebration. A post cards from 1920s.

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