Reserva Santa Elena

The town tourist map showed it was not far. My Lonely Planet Guide said it was not to be missed. So off we went on roads with bumps but no labels.

We found a lovely bakery and had a snack. We’d made a wrong turn. I studied the map-I need to go the numbers that name the sites. Turn around bump on and on. We stopped to explore a cascading creek.

We still had not reached or destination. Places are not far away in miles but in bumps and travel time it is a different story. The tourist buses roar past our little car so we know we are headed in the right direction. The bus drivers are very talented.

On the trail in the Santa Elena reserve with our guide

The trail took us up to where we could see the continental divide. Clouds kept us from seeing the arinal volcano.

This is the tower we climbed to see the divide in both directions

Seeing the big picture is nice but I like to zero in on the little things. I really liked this stick insect unlike our walking stick that eats other insects this creature eats leaves:

The straight green stick is the creature

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