Last Day, Last Hike #5 Magnetic Island 2020

I caught the Sunbus at 8:45 deciding today would be my day to go on the hike from Horseshoe Bay to Radical Bay. There was a road from the Forts Walk, but I didn’t want a road, I wanted a walking track. To see The Forts walk go to my blog of April 22, 2018, it a wonderful hike, been there done that. I wanted something new

When we got to Horseshoe Bay I asked the bus driver for directions to the hike. He said, “Follow the beach to the right, and when the road ends keep going past some houses, but if the tide is high you might need to go a different way.

I asked, “Can’t I wade through the tide?”

He answered, “Yes if you don’t mind getting wet.”

The bus driver didn’t know I was dressed in layers, and had carefully prepared for this hike. I wore my swimming suit under my hiking pants and shirt. I had on light weight shoes that I could take off and carry in my bag. The bag also contained a lunch, water, and fresh underwear to change into when I was done on the beach, plus sunscreen.

I hopped of the bus and ignoring the public beach at Horseshoe Bay I took off towards the open sand following where the bus driver had pointed.

The tide was high and a little creek blocked the path

I took off my shoes and placed them in my bag. I easily crossed the little creek.

Across the creek my feet luxuriated in the sand

My feet squished through the soft sand all the way to the rocks and trees at the end of the beach. I still had not seen the track. I’d passed some houses a ways back maybe it was back there. I thought to myself as I sat on a rock, brushed the sand off my feet and put my shoes back on. I saw another hiker and asked directions. Sure enough in my sand joy, I’d miss the beginning, and needed to backtrack.

Finally I found the sign near the houses.

Only 1.2km to Radical Bay

I started up, this time with only one walking stick, because I didn’t want to bother carrying two. I was slow other hikers raced pass some wearing swimming suits and appeared to be in a hurry.

As I read the sign I thought this should be easy compared to hike #4. But it was not. Once more it was up and up again. I’d been told Balding Bay was a nudist beach, which since I was wearing a suit it was not in my plan.

I found the turn off to Balding Bay, but continued on. It can’t be much further, .2 km is all. But it was definitely more than that, as the trail continued on.

I was getting closer

The trail descended and a road appeared, and then I could see the beach. A sign and a fence protected it from the crushing wheels of 4-wheeled vehicles.

I could finally see the beach

The sun was warm as it reflected off the sand and water. I found a cool fig tree to put my extra clothes on and stripped down to my swimming suit.

Clothes and bag
There were only five other humans on this beautiful expanse of sand

I walked in the sand, the warm sun caressing my skin, and the cold water splashing against my legs. I longed to go in for a swim, but once I get cold I never seem to warm up. So despite having worn my swimsuit and hiked all the way here, I only managed to get in up to my knees. I walked the entire beach and found a place for lunch against a rock on the far end.

Stopped for lunch

I took my time savoring every bite of my cheese sandwich and protein bar. The sand was warm and the rocks sheltered me from a cool breeze.

My lunch view

After a while a put my clothes back on and prepared to look for the way to Florence Bay. Along the way I saw some lovely little flowers growing in the sand.

They looked like escaped Sunpatiens, but I’m not sure

I walked one way and asked another person for the way back I followed their directions, but I ended up going in a circle back to Radical Bay, I couldn’t find the route to Florence Bay, so then I saw large sign for Balding Bay. I hadn’t wanted to go there, but this looked like a possible route somewhere. I didn’t want to go in a circle again.

It was a strange sign, not a park sign

I followed the arrow along an abandoned bitumen road with trees growing in the center of it. It wasn’t difficult to make my way around the trees. I thought, at least I’m going somewhere.

Bitumen road with trees growing in the middle

Suddenly the road ended and I saw a familiar track appear. There were two hikers on it and I asked, “Which trek is this?”

“This is the track to Horseshoe Bay. Where did you come from?”

I pointed back towards the mess of a road as I made my way out of the bush and onto this familiar track. By this time I was beginning to get tired. Perhaps I should just head back to Horseshoe Bay and catch the Sunbus back for an afternoon nap. I started up behind the other hikers and they were soon way ahead of me. I went up and up, and when I got to the top there again was the sign for Balding Bay. Not up for a swim, or certainly not a nude swim I decided to continue down to Horseshoe Bay. When I got there I made my way along the sand to the public beach where I took a picture of their warning sign. Luckily this was not stinger season. I took a wade in the ocean to cool off and then changed out of my swimsuit thinking I’d stop in a restaurant before I caught the bus back.

Warning sign at Horseshoe Bay Beach

Just after I’d changed clothes and washed off my feet I checked the bus schedule on my phone. The next bus was at 1:50. Oh my God it’s 1:50 now. Not wanting to wait another hour I decided to skip the restaurant and raced down the street the bus driver recognized me and waited for me at the stop. He even inquired about my walk. “I was great I said.” So happy to sit down.

I raced down the street to catch the Sunbus

I had my afternoon tea at my airbub Magnetic Villa Getaway, and took a nap, so I was ready for the Sunset on Picnic Bay.

Beautiful Picnic Bay reflecting the sun’s rays in the clouds

My friend had invited me over for a final dinner at her lovely little home on Picnic Street. I have to share a picture of her and her little dog Mary in front of her cottage door.

Thanks for a wonderful visit

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