Renaming and Reorganization of my Blog

My blog Visionsfromtwocontinents started, December 11, 2017. That’s  five years ago.Now it has a new, easier name, instead of writing, you can just look for

Back in 2017, a pandemic was something that only happened long ago, during WWI. In my book Visions from Two Continents:


 I published a letter my uncle Charlie wrote about it, his buddies dying as they arrived from Australia to fight in the Great War (WWI). So many people died in The USA from the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 – 1920 that the US population did not change from 1910 – 1920 (according to census data – without the flu it would have increased substantially).

Initially in the latest pandemic America ignored the lessons learned back in 1925, that masks and social distancing worked.  Australia did not. I was lucky to be in Australia during the first and second wave.  On May 28th, 2021 I flew masked on a Delta flight with 26 passengers from the security of Australia to LAX. I was shocked to be crowded in with tons of Memorial Day travelers with no room for social distancing. See The Last Leg Home blog posted May 29, 2021, for details and pictures of this harrowing journey from LAX to Minneapolis. 

After that I only made three other posts, and I haven’t ventured on an airplane. My only travel in the US has been by car with family. It has been a quiet reflective time. I’ve had time to complete my second book. Getting Beyond… It is now being edited and will be published this year. I have also reorganized the blog.  If you look at it on an iPad you will see three lines under banner, clicking on that you will see the major themes of the blog: Memoir, Writing, Travel, Nature.  By putting a date under search on the right, such as May 29, 2021, you will find posts from that date.

This is the beginning of a new discipline for me.  Writers need to write, so this year I will be publishing on the blog weekly.  If you are interested in following my progress this year editing and publishing my new book and getting back to Australia please like and follow my blog. The blog can be found by googling or 

Thanks for reading my posts.  Hopefully others can learn from my adventures and misadventures.

I’m trying not to hide in the bathroom like my mother did at opening of her one-woman art show. More on her story in another Blog. Next Blog will be about my upcoming leap back to Australia. I’ve been knocking on the door to the fortress for months trying to get back in.

To be published in 2022. Getting Beyond…On the cover is our 25thWedding Anniversary. After 25 years we got beyond

Childhood abuse, spiritual abuse, and alcoholism to have 25 years of happy marriage. We were together for 50 years. Our Journey took us from the middle of the 20th century into the 21st century with many ups and downs along the way.

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