Grief Grows




I left at home

The memories so carefully stowed.

Albums, children grown and flown


Husband who understood

My every whim

Loved me, bumps, scars and all


I look for family and friends

To take me in their arms

And love me as he did.


There are none to be found

I feel my grief grow year by year.

Left alone in a world unknown.


Widows are left alone

To learn to be on their own.

I should have known


Let go give thanks

For years well-lived, well-loved

Thanks to you my beloved

2 thoughts on “Grief Grows

  1. Oh, Patsy, that is so beautiful. . . but so sad.
    I’m sitting here, weeping, thinking of you and my women friends who have lost husbands and lovers.

    This should be published everywhere. And, it should be published side by side with a version for widowers.



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