A Widow’s Walk Alone – 2nd Hike Maggie

Walking with a gaggle of friends all alone. Friends from high school, friends from Door County, friends and family from Austin Texas, friends from England, and Germany, all were my virtual companions via Facebook as I hiked from Picnic Bay to Nelly Bay.

◦ Rhonda at the airbub Magnetic Villa Getaway, gave me detailed instructions on how to get to the trail and what to expect but she didn’t tell me about the beautiful fairy flower tree that greeted me.

A flowering Mimosa

With pink and white wings the flowers jumped out at me. Guiding me on my way.

I found the steps and walked up an easy grade. I’d left my hiking sticks behind, I’d have enough to carry for I planned on shopping in Nelly Bay. After this it was downhill all gather way.

Breathtaking views of the bay greeted my descent.

As I walked downhill I came across a folded sign for a restaurant beside the road, but I could see only rocks, but around the bend a juice caravan appeared. I ordered the juice of the day, and sat staring at the beach extending all the way to the small town of Nelly Bay.

Instead of walking the trail, I could walk the beach I decided. After I finished my drink, I removed my shoes and pulled up my pants. I can do this, the sand is just right, warm, not cool or hot. My fallen arches felt supported by the beautiful sand.

Sinking down in the warm sand

I marveled at glowing green sea weed or moss? in the tidal mud/rocks. I reached down and touched it, it was soft, but not gooey.

Soft free growing in the sand

There were houses up from the beach so I wasn’t sure where to get get back up on the trail.as I approach the town. I asked a girl, walking towards me with her dog. A first she didn’t understand my question, I don’t think she spoke English, or even Australian. I repeated it with hand motions, she pointed to an entrance to a park. I sat down on a rock and brushed the sand off my feet wishing for a place to wash them. As I walked out of the park I found a bathroom and a place to wash feet just 100 feet from my dusting off place. Next time I will know.

Scallywags cafe

Now, I’m in town and lunch was fast approaching. I kept my eyes out for a restaurant. The first one I saw was burgers and fries, not the best for one who is gluten free. Then I spotted Scallywags. That looked like my kind of place. Usually I don’t like to eat in restaurants alone. The menu looked inviting.

Breakfast is just till 11:30, it’s 11:27, I quickly decided on the Hot Vego Breaky. Friendly staff commented on my O’Reilly’s shirt. Yes I’ve been there. I sat down near a family where I wouldn’t feel so alone. I’ve been a widow for over three years and this was the first time I really felt comfortable walking and going to a restaurant alone. Married for 49 years I never ate at a restaurant alone. If I had to eat when I was out and about I picked up something in the grocery store and ate it in my car.

Family groups stayed social distancing from other groups. I watched a cute little boy play with his toy robot while I waited for my food.

The little boy

It was well worth the wait.

I ate every bit of the scrambled eggs, hash browns, homemade beans and garlic mushys (mushrooms) when I finished I was careful to put my fork and knife just so.

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