Back at Long Timber Again

As I helped Wally load the horses and gear up for competition I couldn’t help the tears that welled up in my eyes.

Why am I feeling this way?

Then I remembered the little girl who dreamed of riding a horse and taking it to the Minnesota State Fair. Dreams that were never realized since Daddy died when I was eight; the farm and the horse were all sold.

I never thought I’d be here at Long Timber next to where my mother was born. Mother told me stories of this place but I never believed I’d be here. Dreams I’d never even dared to dream have come true. That’s why there were tears in my eyes.

Loading Cowboy and Karen
At the top of the driveway. Fall rains have turned the dry green

To read about Long Timber look at my posts from 2019. To read about my mother and her memories of this place read Visions from Two Continents the kindle version is still available on Amazon. I’m working on writing part of my own journey

Leaving Long Timber

3 thoughts on “Back at Long Timber Again

  1. Hi, Patsy.Can’t  wait to read more. Yes, beautiful green grass!!!The Corona virus is scaring everyone in the U.S.  Daughter went to Target after work to shop — the shelves were bare!  Toilet paper, frozen pizzas, canned fruits and veggies were not to be had.And I really really NEED to shop– not just to stock up “just in case. ” Arggg.The old boater couples from Ol’ Miss Marina at Bay Point in Red Wing meet monthey for drinks and snacks or dinner. We went to the Sunshine Factory in Plymouth, western burb. (It used to be further east in inner ring burb. Very popular then — and is now. ) Anyway — got there at 330 and it was full. . . and people KEPT coming u til you could barely get thru. Not handy when you’re pushing a walker. . . I was surprised to see so many people. The tv video of airport, malls, schools and sporting  venues show FEW people.  The Edina district WILL conduct school whereas other districts  are closing. Edina figures kids will be safer in classes as at home– school dist can keep everything sanitiZed and keep kids from getting out in community/mall with MORE possible exposure.This certainly is an epoch time. My dad’s mother died in the 1918 flu pandemic.  I think my mother’s  infant sister also died — I cant find her date of death.Hope you are well and happy — and your tribe also.ClareWhy do you think Trump refuses to take the medical test for the virus?   Just wondering what advantage he thinks it gives him . . .Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


    • Stay well my daughter says they’ve canceled school in Austin Tx for 2 weeks. I was supposed to go hiking in NZ in a week can’t do that. But I can enjoy each day. Will write about traveling under the coronovirus cloud. Beautiful sunset tonight


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