Paintings – Visions from Two Continents Chapter 6

Pussy Willows

One of the most important experiences of my childhood was looking for Pussy Willow catkins every spring. They were the first things to appear on the seemingly dead sticks of willows that grew along the ditches or in the swamp. Sometimes our boots would break through the then ice, and we’d come home with wet feet. But we always found the precious buds that were our guarantee that spring was surely not far away. They were so important because if you read Chapter 6 of Visions from Two Continents they helped save my mother’s life when she was a young child suffering from pneumonia and depression. She was sure that everything had died during her first winter in Minnesota.

p67 water color painting on tagboard

Sheila did other paintings of pussy willows and included them on hand painted cards she sent to friends:

Impressionistic watercolor of pussy willows.
Sheila Buchanan Buell watercolor, “Spring” page 68 in the book.

To read or purchase the book google Visions from Two Continents by Patsy Buell Stierna or click link.

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