About: My blog has expanded from its beginnings. It is an in depth blog. I don’t write everyday, or even every week. I write when I’m inspired by my travels or experiences. It has been going since 2018 when I first published Visions from Two Continents the book. Since then I have written a memoir: Getting Beyond Abuse and Copendency to Achieve a Lasting Relationship.

This blog has been about my journey.  The book Visions from Two Continents is the story of my mother’s life from 1912 to 1955.  It is written in her voice so it is considered historical fiction except that it is documented so that one can tell exactly what I made up and what is based upon fact.  I hope you will give it a read.

This book is available on Amazon only as an ebook, you can purchase the book through Barnes and Noble or booktopia. Just google the author Patsy Buell Stierna to find my books on other platforms.

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My journey is a trip and a path of self discovery.  I wrote in 2018, “I am in a place that I haven’t been since I was 16, even though I’m over sixty.  I lost my husband of 49 year in January, 2018. I had to stretch my brain to do things I always let him do, it was a steep learning curve.  “

The first trip was a return journey the same way mother came to America.  In 1923 she came to America on a cruise ship to San Francisco.  I’m took a 22 day cruise from San Francisco to Australia in 2018, stopping the same ports she stopped in as a little girl coming to America.  I compared post cards from her journey and I will compare them to what I see now.

Now I’ve spent five years traveling around Australia, and back to America. My journey of self discovery continued as I traveled home wrote my second book.

Now five years later I’m involved in revegetation work in Australia and America. Also I’m writing a new book. A novel.