Traveling in Covid Queensland

Diary Tuesday 7/14/2020

Today was a long day getting away. Wearing a mask in the plane. Just a two hour flight from Brisbane to Townsville. All in Queensland. A Flight from cool to warm both still winter. This will be my third visit to Townsville. In 1999 my husband Bob, my son and I drove here from Brisbane. We visited cousins and rented a sailboat to sail the Great Barrier Reef. It was winter then too and the sun kept setting at 6:00pm cutting our days short. The cool breezes felt like we were sailing the apostles islands in Lake Superior. but when we looked down into water the colors of the reef exploded in our eyes. It was a time to remember for ever.

In March 2018 I came back again. This time with my best friend Marie. It was fall, and ever so hot. Perspiration dripped from my forehead as I attempted to hike during our stay on magnetic island.

But once again the sun will set at 6 pm. So strange to have such short days without snow on the ground.

In the days of my dreams
In the recesses of mind
Memories come alive
Townsville after a long drive
Walking the dock
Inspecting the boat
Five days rolling in the sea
My husband,my son and me
Such beautiful memories come alive

Flying to Townsville
Meeting cousins
Taking the ferry
Staying at Murry and Ronda’s airbub
Meeting Sheila and Mary on the beach
Hiking in the heat
Hiding on the bus from the heat
Feeding parrots and rock wallabies

Now anticipation
Flying in all alone
Covid precautions in place
Winter walks in the cool
Staying at Murry and Rhonda’s airbub again
A purchased ride on a boat?
Visiting Sheila and Mary
A swim in picnic bay?
So blessed to be here again

Mask I got in Japan in February

I wish all my friends around the world could be here too.

Leaving Brisbane . I stopped in a shop at the airport. A lovely happy young lady said it was her first day back at work in three months
Approaching Townsville
Ferry boat
Approaching the island social distancing sign
Townsville taken from the jetty on picnic bay in the evening. A beautiful day.

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