First Hike Magnetic Island 2020

7/15/2020 Hawkings Point Maggie

With social distancing in place and no other tourists about I took my first walk up to Hawking Point.

I waited anxiously for the sun to come up and warm things. At 45degrees f and no heat I stayed hidden under the covers longer than usual. I quickly downed some hot tea and a hard boiled egg and headed out to warm up my internal engine.

My friends tease me that I’m like their parents old jalopy when I hike up hill. I huff and I puff but I do warm up.

It’s just a 1.2 k hike. As I headed up the hill I wondered. Why didn’t Marie and I hike up here in 2018. Then I remembered it was March then, and too bloody hot.

Beautiful but the sounds were even better hopefully the video will post
The view and the sound

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