Refueling in Charlesville then on to Longreach Day 2 of the Australia by Heron Tour

I sat in the front with the pilot when we took off from Lightning Ridge. The noise was kept from my ears by earphones. But there was nothing keeping the excitement out of my heart.

I was riding on the back of a huge bee as the propellers spun and the engine hummed at 120 knots. We were airborne.

I quietly watched the Gary Sanderson our very experienced pilot and the owner of the plane. I asked, “Does the plane have a name.”

Gary smiled, “No not unless it causes trouble then it has lots of names.”

He was being polite so I decided not to ask for details but just to be and observe as Gary wrote in his log book. And the plane flew itself.

My eyes roamed the entire front window taking in both spinning propellers.

Being in front to watch the landing stimulated my nervous system. Not scared just alert hanging on to my seat.

There weren’t any people at the airport, just a tar strip and a “bowser” (petrol pump). Once Gary figured out how to work his card Wal helped him fill the tank.

I traded my front seat and we watched a spectacular sunset from the plane as we continued to Longreach.

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