Yesterday, Blackburn Lake, Melbourne, Australia, Reflections Looking at clouds up and down, reflections all around. The reflections are my memories, the good, the bad, and the ugly. A cliché that speaks truth.  I love the concept that true happiness comes from solving problems. It seems the only constants in this world are change and problems. … Continue reading Happiness

Renaming and Reorganization of my Blog

My blog Visionsfromtwocontinents started, December 11, 2017. That’s  five years ago.Now it has a new, easier name, instead of writing visionsfromtwocontinents.blog, you can just look for patsysblog.com Back in 2017, a pandemic was something that only happened long ago, during WWI. In my book Visions from Two Continents: cover  I published a letter my uncle Charlie wrote … Continue reading Renaming and Reorganization of my Blog

A Widow’s Walk Alone – 2nd Hike Maggie

Walking with a gaggle of friends all alone. Friends from high school, friends from Door County, friends and family from Austin Texas, friends from England, and Germany, all were my virtual companions via Facebook as I hiked from Picnic Bay to Nelly Bay. ◦ Rhonda at the airbub Magnetic Villa Getaway, gave me detailed instructions … Continue reading A Widow’s Walk Alone – 2nd Hike Maggie