Yesterday, Blackburn Lake, Melbourne, Australia, Reflections Looking at clouds up and down, reflections all around. The reflections are my memories, the good, the bad, and the ugly. A cliché that speaks truth.  I love the concept that true happiness comes from solving problems. It seems the only constants in this world are change and problems. … Continue reading Happiness

Renaming and Reorganization of my Blog

My blog Visionsfromtwocontinents started, December 11, 2017. That’s  five years ago.Now it has a new, easier name, instead of writing visionsfromtwocontinents.blog, you can just look for patsysblog.com Back in 2017, a pandemic was something that only happened long ago, during WWI. In my book Visions from Two Continents: cover  I published a letter my uncle Charlie wrote … Continue reading Renaming and Reorganization of my Blog


A map of Wisconsin with Door Peninsula in red. Minneapolis is my home city, but HOME is Door County, WI. Not a city but a peninsula of small towns and preserved woods, surrounded by Lake Michigan. The picture featured on the blog is a arial view of Sturgeon Bay, one of the largest small towns … Continue reading HOME