Extending My Visa

Getting an ETA tourist visa to Australia is a snap I just went online filled out a short application and they sent a text back . The visa is electronically attached to my passport so I didn’t even have to carry any extra paper. The visa was for three months and after May 7th my three months will be up.

Wal said, “Look at this, I want you to see the real Australia”

He handed me a brochure from Australia by Heron describing a flight across the Northern Territory and outback. The flight in a small plane will last 15 days from May 1-15.

When I applied for the visa I was sure I read that I could extend it after I was here. So I said, “Sure that sounds interesting.” May is the beginning of winter so it shouldn’t be too hot or so I thought.

I went to go online to see how to extend my visa. I googled, “Extending an Australian tourist visa” I got nothing . My computer was dead. The neighbor said, There is an excellent computer shop in the next town.

We went there the next day, and I left my computer there. The day after I picked it up I tried to open it still no response. So we drove back again, and left it there but in the parking lot they called maybe the problem was the mouse. It turned out my mouse was malfunctioning. I bought a new mouse. Now I could extend my visa and Wal could get the tickets. I googled again but there wasn’t an answer that I could understand.

I called the visa help line and waited in queue for two hours. Finally a human answered. “How do I extend my visa?” I asked thinking it was a simple question.

“What type of visa?”

“A tourist visa”

“You can’t extend that visa you have to apply for a new one.”

“But it’s just for 10 more days.”

“You need to apply for a different one.”

I went on line and started to fill out forms for a six month visa. The form went on and on it asked me for my relatives names and birthdates I emailed my cousins to ask their birthdates. Wal had to write a letter and then it said all attachments needed to be verified by an Australian teacher or other reliable certifier.

I decided to take a risk. Sent them the $360 required before you email the application then I emailed it with unverified attachments. I asked to stay until May 20th. They emailed back a temporary bridging visa until mine was approved. We went ahead and got our tickets.

After a month they sent an email saying my visa was approved. I went online to VEVO and with my application number was able to double check I can stay until the 20th. So today I will be getting on a heron to fly above Australia with a pilot and 9 other passengers. My posts will be from my phone so excuse the errors please.

We are up over Sydney heading to Longreach

3 thoughts on “Extending My Visa

  1. Hello, Patsy!
    I never in my wildest imaginings pictured you as the wanderlust. Even knowing how you spent you honeymoon. I should have learned when you and Bob sailed round bouts in Australia years ago.

    I have the utmost respect and admiration for you! I wish I were your twin or your shadow right now! Those yay-hoos in the Mtka PS had absolutely NO idea of your skills and capabilities! Their loss! Strictly social wannabes. (Apparently they did not respect the power of red-haired women! I have book on the history of gingers and the power that red haired women exerted in past times. Of course, some thought they were witches.. .)

    Hope you enjoyed your trip .

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