Staying Put at Lamington National Park in Australia

I was going off to New Zealand but that’s been canceled by the corona virus. It made no sense to go there and be in isolation for 14 days when I was only going there for five. And then when I returned to Australia I’d spend another 14 days in isolation.

I’m lucky to be in a beautiful place with wonderful forests nearby, and marvelous supportive friends. Lizzie Lizard sometimes called the Leech Mother has taken me back to OReilly’s (see posts from 2019). We did the Border Track today which took us past amazing ancient Antarctic Beech trees to the border between Queensland and NSW. These trees exist in only four places in the world.

It seemed like we were hiking forever and Lizzie was in a hurry. She said “Take strides, your just plodding along, we’ll never get there”. I wasn’t sure where there was so I let her go ahead while I plodded to a near stop marveling at the strings of red pearls that hung from the small walking stick palm trees.

Walking stick palms

“I waited 10 minutes for you.” Lizzie complained, but then stopped and pointed out beautiful pictures for me to take as we continued on. We finally came to the first Antarctic Beech.

The sign telling me about this ancient tree
It rose way up in the sky in a clump

I looked for more trees like it but didn’t see any. I asked Lizzie “Please point out the others to me” since she said we were going to a forest of them. She just shook her head, “Further, we need to go further.” She took quick strides deeper into the forest and I plodded along behind.

Occasionally she’d stop pointing out a particularly beautiful view like the light that played through the tree ferns

Tree ferns
Fascinating mushrooms

My mouth dropped open with astonishment when after about six kilometers we came to a forest of huge moss covered trees growing in clumps.e

I’ve always wanted to be Druid living in a tree and here I found a perfect home. I won’t even have to bend down to get in

A perfect home in the forest
The path around my new home. It even has a back door

Lizzie pulled me onwards away from my new home. “We need to make it to the border before it all clouds over,” she said as it started to rain. I zipped up my raincoat and reluctantly plodded on after her.

The wind whipped the tree tops as I put one foot in front of the other.

Looking up from the path
Border marker

“Come on,”Lizzie beckoned, “time for lunch.” We stopped for lunch in a clearing at the border mark. I assumed it was where we would turn back. “Oh no not yet, we haven’t reached the lookout.” Lizzie said to my inquiry.

Finally we got there as the wind blew the clouds away.

Too Loma lookout

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