Visions from Two Continents Revised paintings Chapter 1

Australia Equals Home

The revised book is available on Kobo, as an ebook and it should soon also be available as a paperback through various outlets including Barnes and Nobel. The paintings in the paperback are grayscale, I will be publishing the color versions on this website. If you purchased the original version of the book, please message me and I will email you the revisions for free.

Page 3 “We lived at the base of Candle Mountain”

This pastel painting was displayed at Northrup Auditorium on the University of Minnesota campus. It now hangs in the Buell family home.

Candle Mountain is an hour out of Brisbane, not very far from Maleny. These trees were all removed in the 1950’s to make way for a pine plantation. The pine trees were harvested, but some still remain as feral trees, since those pines were not native to Australia. The home place is now a macadamia nut farm owned by an investor who visits on weekends by helicopter.

Page 4 “Don’t worry Mom, I’m not hungry, ”

The brown snake in the corner tells the mother hen whose hatched her chicks in the bush that he isn’t hungry. Sheila says this is a painting of an interaction that she saw. Sheila often wandered off into the bush and watching everything. I’m sure her mother didn’t know she was watching a poisonous brown snake.

I will publish the next chapters paintings in my next blog. Thanks for looking, and caring about nature.

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