Writing at Long Timber

I think I Found a new desk here at Ewan creek. I’m in awe watching the ripples of the creek. The crow caws the sky is blue above the trees. I’m trying another spot. An old log moss grows in its cracks serves as a backbone for the iPad

Still searching for the perfect position I move my I-Pad again. The balance is precarious but the angle is right. MY bACK IS STRAIGHT AND MY BUTT IS balanced on a moss covered log. I brought a jacket to insulate my butt from insects.

Now I cAN BE QUIET AND SEE IF I CAN PUT THE VIEW IN WORDS. I’M ALWAYS ONE TO skip the words and take a picture but now I want to expand my expression to include the words for that which can’t be put in words.

Let me start at what sits above my screen. The rotting log is being helped by tiny mushrooms that grow from its cracks. My mind is distracted from the visual by the chirp, chirp, chirp of a little bird, I blow at the insect I feel perched on my nose. Back to the tiny mushrooms growing in the cracks. I touch them and they feel like brown velvet. Further down the log that serves as my desk are patches of green moss with a few white mushrooms.

My eyes ascend to the grove of trees,they may be the children of this broken tree. No on closer examination I realize that this is the limb of a old tree still standing right here above me. “Thank you tree for providing me with this lovely desk. Did it hurt when this half fell, for its not just a limb but half the tree itself?”

It continues to grow green leaves despite having lost half of itself. Hopefully I can follow its example and as I age still grow green leaves on the top, still reach up and thank the sun.

My new iPad desk
The tiny brown velvet mushrooms that grow from its cracks
The white mushrooms appear further down the fallen tree trunk
The other half still lives it’s crown a green glory

2 thoughts on “Writing at Long Timber

  1. Lovely description, Patsy. I could picture it all — right down to the mossies.

    Am watching CNN at nearly 4 a.m. Woke up as house heat was too high. Was 25 degrees at 5 :30 a.m. yesterday early morning.

    CNN is saying that Colombia’s flower industry is about to collapse. Showing their rose- growing nursery sites. I guess those long-stemmed roses are bred to grow with long stems. (Duh.) Fascinating to see rows and rows of those roses since in the U.S. we see nothing but individually groomed bushes.
    Hope you are well. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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