Angled Onion – Weeding and Eating

I was happy to be back weeding in Wilson Reserve today. The birds sang and the soft spring sun filtered through the trees, warming my back and drying the damp spring soil. The spot we were working had been weeded many times before, so the trad (wandering jew-see post Trad February 2021) was under control. Now the major weed was angled onion. Like so many invasives it is a pretty plant:

The angled onion and fumitory are encroaching on a goodenia planted by the Friends of Wilson Reserve

We worked hard all morning, enjoying every minute of being out in nature. A little tree violet showed itself, it had been buried in angled onion.

Baby tree violet
A happy Grey Butcherbird showed up enjoying a morsel I’d uncovered in my weeding.

Not to be outdone by a Butcherbird I decided to take advantage of all my hard work. I took a clump of angled onion home and made Angled Onion Miso Soup. It was delicious. Let me share my recipe:


4T angled onion chopped small (of course you could use green onion)

1/2 large carrot chopped small

4 c water

2T white miso

1 T olive oil

6 pieces sweet chili tofu nuggets cut into smaller pieces

Fry the onion and carrots in the oil. Add the water to finish cooking the carrots. Turn off the heat and add the miso and precooked sweet chili tofu nuggets. Scoop into a cup and enjoy.

Chopped angled onion. I used the white part and a little of the green part.
Finished cup of soup with onion flowers floating on top.

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