First Stop Honolulu

Historic postcard Cruisers being greeted in Honolulu in the early 20th centuryHonolulu1922

After four days at sea we arrived in Honolulu. It has changed yet remains the same since my mother came here on the Makura in 1923. One can compare her ship the Markura to the Cunard Queen Elizabeth:Docked in Hawii


Due to the 1,000 of ships that go to Honolulu each year we were not greeted in any special way

We arrived in Honolulu at 7:00 am. We cruised past the Honolulu Tower and docked. I was up on the 9th deck having breakfast and watching every moment. The city loomed around us the sun was just rising.

Aloha tower

The lights from the Lido restaurant reflected in the window as the Aloha clock tower greeted us. Later our guide would tell us the meaning of Aloha, it is not just hello, it is more “Welcome we will care for you.”

 We frantically turned on out phones and called our family members. Out at sea there isn’t any way to call people, and the internet really does not work, so this was our last chance to talk to people in the states.

 After an early breakfast we assembled in the Queens room with our photo IDs to wait to join our tours. We were going on a nature walk, and to a city viewpoint spot.

   We didn’t get front seats but were in the third row back. We could still see out. We filled out paper work and waited a long time for some people that were late. They finally showed up as the bus was just about to leave without them. We drove through the busy city streets and up a big him. The roads were narrow and winding. Marie noticed that there weren’t any out of state license plates. 

  Wanting to find nature we took a tour at an Arboretum:Hiking hawaii

We climbed up and up and up and were greeted by a fantastic view of the Island:

 honolulu city viewpoint

 In the afternoon we walked around town and had tea at a lovely tea house.

Then we returned to the ship; which looked lovely against the bright Hawaiian sunshine.

As evening fell the ship left Honolulu and started out for the Island of Bora Bora.


sunset leaving5

This was all on February 10, 2018, it was an amazing day, after that we had four more days at sea.   I did not have internet until now so I was unable to publish anything during the journey.  I’m in Australia now and the internet is excellent.

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