Bora Bora

Bora Bora in French Polynesiamountain appropach

     I was very excited as we pulled into port after another four days at sea. We were going to be the only cruise ship docked there and we had to ride in a tender to get to shore. We assembled in the Queens room to get our tickets for the tender. We had to pass a stepping test to prove we could step safely from the boat to the tender or we would not be allowed ashore.

         We had a tour for the afternoon so we went ashore in the morning and looked around waiting for our 4 by 4 tour in the afternoon. The hot tropical air astounded our soft northern senses. It was hot and humid. We trudged along slowly taking in a different world, listening to the locals speaking French.   


Where I purchased earring

I bought earrings from a local street vendor.

   I ate local fruit, and Marie had a sandwich since we were not sure how we would get back to the ship and the back to land

In time for our tour.4by4bora


         We waited and got together in a group to get in our truck for a 4 by 4 adventure up the steep hills of the Island. We bounced up and up at times even sliding backwards o a old dirt track the Americans had made during WWII. Finally we arrived at the top and were greeted by fantastic views of the Island.

view peninsula

 The driver took us back down the steep roads and we returned to our tender so we wouldn’t miss the boat when it left the Island. Some teenagers followed the tender back the to cruise ship:

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