Cruising, Eating, Eating, Eating

I’d been sailing, for days at a time on the Great Lakes and in the Whitsunday Islands, the hard way.   I’d never been part of a traveling city party.

My brother said, “You will like cruising, it will be wonderful.” But I wasn’t sure, sitting around all day eating, socializing did not seem to be my cup of tea.

cunardstaircase.JPGI haven’t been sitting too much. For starters the stairs are a joy to traipse up and down.

Just like on our little sailboat, time seems to have stopped. The ship vibrates and sways, like being in a baby in a baby swing. To start the journey I take ginger root pills. My roommate Marie had never been seasick so she didn’t take anything. Unfortunately she lost her first meal on board. Reflecting on that experience she said, “Now I understand how babies feel when they spit up their milk. I think its because we are always rocking them.”

The staff is gracious on the Cunard Elizabeth, and the food out of this world. There are two main restaurants and some other small ones you can go to for a small fee. The Lido is on Deck 9. The view from there is stupendous:


I’m sitting there right now waiting for the breakfast buffet to open.

The continental breakfast section is already open with assorted juices, dried cereals, waffles, and many different rolls and croissants.



In the buffet they have eggs made to order, bacon, sausage, fresh fruits, nuts,and porridge.Cheryl breakfast chef

You can also go to the Britannia Restaurant were you order a formal meal and the waiters wait on you hand and foot.   . Casual clothes are the protocol for breakfast and lunch, but dinner requires more formal attire.

Britannia dinning room

On this voyage we are having four formal balls, time to dress up in fancy clothes. Tonight is a Valentines Ball. I’m going to wear a formal dress and be fit for a king.

Dinner is beautiful. There is an appetizer, or soup, a salad and a main course. Linda and Terry at our table are gracious British frequent travelers. They often give us the inside story on what is happening and interpret the menu so have some understanding of what we are ordering.




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