Time travelers and a private rose garden

Baby boomers are time travelers. As we age we travel into unknown territory.  I have friends unwilling to use modern conveniences such as microwaves or cell phones, or some cases computers.  I try to stay young, stay up to date, but it is scary and I need all the help I can get so I told my San Diego friend.  “I need to go to the Apple Store.  I think my phone isn’t working quite right and I have some questions about my programs.”  I’d found it on-line, it was in Fashion Valley not far from their home.

She said., “I’ll take you over there, you can go to the Apple Store and I’ll go shopping.”

I said, “I need an appointment.”  I looked online.  There weren’t any genius bar appointments, but there was a project class with open spots.  “Let’s take the project class, I’m sure you’ll like it.  You can just ask questions about anything you want.”

I realized even though she owned an iPhone and an iPad , she’d never been to an Apple Store, she hesitated but reluctantly agreed to come with me.  “If you’re bored you can just leave I assured her.”

We went to Coronado Island first to see the beach and the famous Hotel Del Coronado.Yoga on the beach

I did a triangle pose on the beach in front of the hotel.  We also met an interesting Minnesotan who builds sand castles on the San Diego beach:



Then we visited two rosarians, rose experts that collect roses from all over the world.  I was excited to meet them.  They had a tiny yard full of beautiful plants:



It was 11:00 and we quickly said goodbye so we could get to our class on time. We followed English accented guy’s voice on my iPhone, twisting from this highway to the next until we arrived in Fashion Valley with 15 minutes to spare.  We’d packed a lunch which we devoured on a bench, then I tried to use the walking gps directions to find the store to no avail.  We finally asked a human and she pointed to the Apple Logo just a few stores the opposite direction from where we were looking.

I’d warned my friend that there would be people milling around and lots of sound.  We weren’t late, in fact the class before us will still in session.  Since the class would be an hour and a half long we asked to use the bathroom.  We were told there was too much stuff back there and we’d have to go to the restaurant around the corner or to the department store,  I was shocked because in Austin I’d always been allowed to use the rest room.  We were embarrassed to go just go into the restaurant and use the restroom, but we did anyway.  They did not complain.  When we returned the new class was starting and we took our seats.  My friend took a seat next to a young entrepreneur with questions about her photos.  She and my friend got into a lively conversation.  We all learned how to organize and save photos and I cleaned up my desk top.  My friend found out how to sign up for more classes.  We both felt more at home in this new age, the thing is not to try, but just do it.




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