Travel Companion

I was determined to go on this trip, but who should I go with?  I thought maybe I’d just go alone, but when I discovered the cruise fare was almost double if alone, I thought again.  I sent out an email to every friend I’d ever known.  I was overjoyed to get three women interested in spending 22 days on a cruise ship with me.

But Kim had a conflict and couldn’t do it.  Candy wasn’t sure she could get off from work, and the third I’d hardly seen for 50 years.  But Marie and I were best friends since grade school.  We’d giggled through sleep overs, shared a tent in girl scouts, and traveled to Chicago together when we graduated from high school.  Then we separated, married in different states and had children, we didn’t even write from many years.

This week in San Francisco is our practice.  I brought ear plugs in case my C-pap kept her awake.  No problem she wasn’t bothered by it.  I woke up early, but she did too.

We both like to take pictures.  We played in front of the mirror with our phones:Marie McCosh and Patsy mirror photo“We walked a 100 miles today, all of it up hill.”  Marie told her son and daughter.  But she also mentioned we got some help from a pedicab, CoCo from Golden Gate Pedicab gave us a ride when our feet tired out:

We both loved sculpture and staring at the bay:

We both like good food.  The best restaurant we found today was:great food

We both ordered fish tacos, they were delicious.

We both like nature, and tomorrow we are going on a one day bus tour of Yosemite.  It will be a long day starting at 6:15 am.

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