San Diego

San Diego city viewSecond stop on my Epic Journey .

I flew out of Austin on January 24, pulling out my roots from the warm embrace of friends and family

My friend and her partner had invited me into their home.  They provided me with homemade sustenance and a beautiful views of San Diego.  San Diego shines out as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

My heart filled with joy as I watched the sun rise over the bay from the little attic window in their guest room.  View from San Diego attic

I marveled at God’s gifts, the plants that grow in this kind climate. Not only did we visit Balboa park and the lathe house, but we went to the San Diego Botanic garden.

Lathe house Balboa park

Above is the Lathe House in Balboa park.

The San Diego Botanic Garden has a succulent garden arranged like coral under the sea:

Undersea Succulent Gardenundersea succulent gardenMG_0456Undersea plant

The garden feature vignettes of plants from around the world.  I previewed the New Zealand plants and did a yoga pose before a tropical rain forest waterfall.tropical rain forest

We sat and had a snack on a platform surrounded by large swaying tropical plants.  The wind picked up.wind

As sat there in this topical paradise we worried about the fires that have harassed this beautiful place.

Next we stopped at the home of Francine Phillips, a friend of my friend.  I was honored to meet this lady, another widow who has written a brave memoir about the death of her husband, called Truth Swing.  It is a very loving story of strength and faith.


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