Papeete, French Polynesia

ship docked in Pappeete

After we left Bora, Bora, we sailed to Papeete a modern city with a port. We docked at the port for the day. We spent the morning walking around the city and took a tour called Snapshots of Tahiti in the afternoon. Again it was warm and humid. We were the only cruise ship in the harbor and it seemed like the whole town came our to greet us. A dancer also performed and in the evening a whole troop of dancers came on board for an evening performance.

We walked along the pier and marveled an the small city we had brought into this port realizing we were a boon to their economy.
city market

We went went shopping in the city market. Marie got a shirt and I got a Pareo a Polynesian dress.

We walked back to the ship for lunch since Marie had gotten ill from her sandwich on Bora Bora. After lunch we boarded the bus for our tour “Snapshots of Tahiti”. We made our way through busy city streets and finally arrived at a lovely park with the only lighthouse in the Islands built in 1867.

The park also contained a wonderful black sand beach that was visited by the locals.

pan papeete beach

I didn’t have a swimming suit on so I couldn’t go swimming but I kicked off my sandels in the wet sand and let the surf splash against my legs

We also went to the home Hall one of the authors of Mutiny on the Bounty. It was a fascinating look into the life of someone who came to visit and ended up staying in Tahiti.
books museum


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