Cunard Queen Elizabeth

The internet on board is terrible.  I will update and post the pictures that go with this when I get to Australia.

We left out Hotel at 12:00 noon and called an Xuber big enough to hold our luggage. I struggled to get my three bags rolled down the hall to the elevator. Our driver lifted them up and put them in the back of his large car. We went to Pier 27 and he got the luggage out. We joined a queue waiting in line to check in our luggage. We weren’t supposed to board until 3:00, but they had told us we could check our luggage at 12:00. My girlfriend since 4th grade and I stood nervously outside the terminal with the large Cunard Elizabeth looming in the background.

Curnardmeboarding sanfran.JPG

We told the people standing in line that we were just handing in our luggage and we weren’t supposed to board until 3:00. They said, “Don’t worry just give them your luggage and then get in line to board, they’ll let you on.”  We decided to do just that, the worst that could happened would be that we’d have to come back later. They took our luggage promising to get it to us before bedtime.

We went to the boarding line, gave them our tickets and were given a boarding number. We kept wondering when they’d make us go back out and wait until 3:00.

No. they told us our room number 4065, issued us a card linked to our credit card account and allowed us to board. We proceeded up the gangplank and to Deck 9 the Lido restaurant at 1:30 for our first meal on board.

After lunch we hurried down to Deck 4 to find our room. We were greeted with wine and a box of chocolate from Chip our travel agent.Cunard 4065.JPG

Although the view is partly blocked I can see the land and the sky above the lifeboat if I stand on my tiptoes.


The ship left the harbor at 5:30 pm. There was a party on the deck as we sailed out of San Francisco.

Next Stop Honolulu, Hawaii.















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