Sausalito and Ferry back to San Francisco

The tour ripped me away from Muir woods and hauled me to Sausalito.  A busy little town with lots of tourist stuff and some very nice galleries.  We were hungry from being with trees and walked to The Trident restaurant.  We got seats overlooking the water.  Patsy got by a fire to get warm:

We weren’t sure if the food would be good in such a beautiful place, but it turned out to be delicious:

Flourless Lava cake

The Ferry gave us a coupon for a free desert and we took advantage of it

Flourless Lava cake

Just walking and talking and looking was not enough, we both ended up taking something small with with us. But I couldn’t carry this lovely frog fountain:frogfountain

Then it was on to the Ferry back to Pier 39.  Just maybe we would see our boat as we approached the dock.


We sailed by the golden gate bridge:


Our boat was there.  Huge even in the distance. We would be boarding it soon:

our boat QEII at dock

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