The Intuitive Reading

I wasn’t exactly sure where it was anymore. It had been a long time since my grandson had been a student in Odette Solitaire’s preschool, Escuelita Art-es Inc. Back then Odette had said to my daughter, “I see your mother meeting someone at a Bus Stop.”

“I don’t think so. She’s married,” My daughter answered, very surprised.

“Oh it seemed like she was single.” Odette answered rather confused.

That was two years ago, but now I am single since my husband has died. My daughter just repeated this story to me again, and I wanted more information. In addition to being a preschool teacher, Odette does what she calls Intuitive Readings.

I’ve never had a reading done, and I’m a bit suspicious of such things, but Odette is very sincere. She doesn’t do it for entertainment, nor to make a living. So I called and scheduled an appointment. I’ll see what she has to say. But I wonder if she tells me about the future, what am I to do with it?

I saw the sign at the end of the driveway Escuelita Art-es, so I was sure it was the right place. I pulled in and parked in front of a large window. Someone with hair pulled back from her round face was straightening up the classroom. I hesitated then approached the door. The girl greeted me with a broad smile. “Hello, come on in. Would you like something to drink?”

“Some hot tea if it isn’t too much trouble. “ I answered as my brain finally recognized her voice and the dark eyes that seemed to penetrate my very soul.

“No trouble at all, I have instant hot water.” As she fixed up the cup of tea she said, “Your future isn’t predetermined, you still have free will. This just suggests possibilities that you can choose to use or not.”

That answered the QUESTION about the future, but I still wasn’t sure what was about to happen.

“I’m getting an image of travel, lots of travel.” She said excitedly as we sat down.

I sat on a couch in front of the window with a low table. The room was clean and organized, but still had a slight scent of preschool children. She sat in a chair across from me and placed a deck of cards on the table. “Shuffle them please, “ she said.

I picked up the large Oracle cards from the table. The pictures on them reminded me of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The edges were a bit tattered from use. I gently shuffled them.

She turned over the first card. It said Write on the top with a strange man bird creature named Thoth (an egyptian god credited as the inventor of writing)  under the words.  Odette said “You wrote a book.”

“Yes I told you that.” I answered laughing.

“But I see another book. You need to keep writing.”

I hadn’t told her there was a second book. I’d already started writing it.

“You need to write a memoir. It will be healing.”

Ok I thought, that’s kind of what I’m doing. I didn’t say anything. I just nodded my head, listening, focusing. I wanted to hear what Odette came up with.

Next she turned over Purification, the White Tara (a Tibetan Buddist image). “Through writing you will achieve purification.”

Then she turned over Lady Nada: Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter. “You need to work on relationships.”

She turned over Detach from Drama. It pictured a lady, Pallas Athena  (Greek Goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and war) with a sword lowered to the ground holding her hand up to say stop. “Stay clear of drama. As long as you don’t engage in the drama or unconsciously instigate it, your love can shine through. Be aware.”

Oh crap I thought, how can she see all that? I did not say anything about it.

The next card was Stay Focused with a picture of a blue eyed, bearded man called Kuthumi (one of the masters of ancient wisdom). “Look forward not backward. I see a recipe that was made for your life, and you are on the right path following your recipe. You are only 10% mother, the rest is filled with other things. Follow your own recipe.”

She flipped over Spiritual Law of Attraction this card had a different bearded man with an energy cloud behind his head, he was called Melchizedek (an acended master) “ I see you traveling a lot and attracting like minded people. I see you in Europe.”

I shook my head. “I’m traveling but not to Europe.”

“I don’t know the time frame it might be far in the future, “ Odette answered.

Then Open Your Heart to Love came up. The picture showed Jesus holding a lamb with a lion standing next to him. “Leave your heart open don’t close yourself off.” She turned over a card that said Go now and trust. It pictured a man with a gold hat carrying a lighted sceptre called Serapis Bey (an acended master who emphasised harmony and descipline.)  I was beginning to get overwhelmed by so much information descending upon me.

The last card was Power of Joy, Mattraya. “Express your joy, don’t get bogged down by guilt. Guilt is one the worst emotions. It is worse that anger; only fear is lower than guilt. Let go of all guilt and experience joy. Spread Joy.

We talked a while longer. “I see a notebook with a cloth brocade cover. You need that to write in, it will help you organize your thoughts”. There was another card I didn’t even notice at first. Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of wealth, fortune and properity).  Flow of Prosperity. Odette said prosperity would fall over me like a waterfall. That seemed very strange because money has always been a struggle. She warned your thoughts manifest themselves, they become reality. “Think positive thoughts.”  Before she picked up the cards she suggested I take a picture of them: z8oc9haFRCqbPiUmswseRQ.

I left and walked out into the Texas winter air feeling uplifted. The predicted cold had not yet arrived. The guiding light that I followed on my journey down to Texas had fallen aside, but now it seemed back in the center of my vision. I drove back to my friend’s home where I have been staying focused on a future of JOY.

But she really didn’t tell me about the guy at the bus stop, just a lot more important things. I’m ready  to let the future unfold, I told myself.

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