The old cliches are: “Home is where you heart is”; “There is no place like home”; “Home is where you belong.”

My home is now in three places, my heart is in all three.  There is where I belong, yet there isn’t three of me.  Since I can’t clone myself I will divide the year into three parts, here (Door County), Texas with the grandchildren and then back to Australia.  Australia has stolen my heart, I can’t stay away from my mother’s home.

I arrived in Door County following the awful flight of too many hours,  just after the huge spring snows had melted.  My favorite wild flowers waited and greeted me all at once:

Cow slips, trillium and Dutchman’s breeches all bloomed at the same time, very strange, but beautiful when their color burst out in the brown woods.

Then the whirlwind picked me up and I got into the Door county gardening and art scene.  Gardening, art shows, books talks, fixing and selling things left little time to reflect and write.

Now it’s August, the dog days of summer.  Hopefully I can learn from Charlie.  Learn to chill out, roll on my back and luxuriate in the green grass:

STOP and smell the flowers.  Flocks fill my nostrils with natural perfume.  My eyes recently cleared by my wonderful opthalmologist feel radiant in the reflection of their colors.  A hummingbird moth flutters in and out adding color as he sips from the flowers.

I need to remember to walk 3 blocks and catch the sunset over Sturgeon Bay:

sunset sturgeon bay best

The next couple of months I will make pottery, garden, and  take time to research and write the next book while I enjoy the beauty of my home in Door County, Wisconsin.

One thought on “Home

  1. Nice writing, I find I get too busy in the summer in DC too. I make myself slow down and enjoy what’s important. And only 1 or 2 extra curricular.

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