Flying, over the road this time

Flying, flying high in the sky

Crowding through crowds

on the ground.

Not driving

just gliding, sitting, waiting anticipating


Would my carry on get on?

Would too big people sit next to me squeezed in tiny seats?

Landing take off

body tense

sensing danger

fight or flight

while belted in my seat.

Air pressure hurting my ears.

I yawn, chew and swallow to get it out.

Finally arrived at altitude.

Relax, sit back enjoy the ride

not driving to my next home.

Bladder presses demanding release.

Seat belt sign it on.

Rough air.

Stay in seats, no relief.

Landing in Chicago in the rain, transferring to the next plane.

Finally landing in Chicago,

Waiting with a full bladder

Walk fast.

Around the corner to a toilet on the ground.

Staring at my ticket.

Can’t find the gate for the next plane.

Ask for help.

Employee answers my plea disinterestedly.

Gate K13 down there, five minute walk.

I follow the finger.

Grateful, I can walk.

Crowds surround me walking backwards

Through L to K – one, two, three.

I can see where 13 will be.

Wait stop in the crowd feed the rumbling stomach.

Once again

sitting, waiting, anticipating.

My life totally in the hands of this steel hull.

The pilot, crew, and passengers all unknown to me.

Trusting them to transport me to the land of my grandchildren.

Finally the plane descends below the clouds.

The sunlight warms my neck.

My heart alights with joy knowing soon they will come to meet me.

Travel done in not three days but one.

Landing in sunlight.

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