Great Ocean Road

Down the coast from Melbourne is one of the most beautiful seaside roads in the world.

Great ocean road entrance.jpg

Curves, ocean surf, and rocks greet a driver at every turn.  Luckily I had a very experienced local driver.  Signs remind tourists to stay to the left.

Road sign

It was wonderful to stop, watch and listen to the surf pounding on the rocks.

But my favorite stop was Mait’s rest.  A rainforest on a peninsula sticking out into Bass Strait.

Maits rest better sign

Boardwalk tree fern

It was a magical place, full of lush green smells.  Moisture dripped from every leaf even through the surrounding land along the ocean road had been quite dry.

After we left Mait’s rest we continued down the ocean road to the Twelve Apostles.  It was a very crowded popular tourist stop.

Twelve Apostles sign.jpg

6 on beach

Finally we arrived at our stop for the night, a lovely apartment in Warrnambool.

Door to apartment.jpg

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