Visions from Two Continents Revised paintings Chapter 1

Australia Equals Home The revised book is available on Kobo, as an ebook and it should soon also be available as a paperback through various outlets including Barnes and Nobel. The paintings in the paperback are grayscale, I will be publishing the color versions on this website. If you purchased the original version of the … Continue reading Visions from Two Continents Revised paintings Chapter 1

Carpe Diem

Pluck the day. Not seize it, but simply pluck it. I must force myself to open my eyes to the beauty around me. I arrived Down Under last week. They didn't require any tests, or even proof of vaccination, The trip was grueling but uneventful. No delays, no bad weather no missed planes. I flew … Continue reading Carpe Diem


Yesterday, Blackburn Lake, Melbourne, Australia, Reflections Looking at clouds up and down, reflections all around. The reflections are my memories, the good, the bad, and the ugly. A cliché that speaks truth.  I love the concept that true happiness comes from solving problems. It seems the only constants in this world are change and problems. … Continue reading Happiness